Why “Mental Health Starts in the Womb” now?

Would you like to be a part of an initiative that brings together latest research and evidence-based best practice examples to make emotionally healthy families in our communities a reality for all?

There is a growing acknowledgement that those first early years of a child’s life are absolutely crucial. Getting it right as parents with professional help and public resource to support where needed has the potential to make a huge difference to how that child will grow into an adult contributing to society.” (Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing & Shoreham and Co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group Conception to Age 2: first 1001 days)

We would like to invite you to an inspiring event, during which we will be focusing on early prevention and mental health. We recognise that the foundations for emotional health are laid before the baby is born and that development of the baby’s emotional resilience depends on the ability of key carers to regulate themselves while taking care of their growing child.

Neuroscience provides us with fascinating insights into developing minds of foetuses and babies. With a growing body of evidence that genetics together with experiences in pregnancy and first years of a child’s life have a lasting impact on child’s ability to cope with stresses of life, it is critical that we ensure parents and children are most supported during this important period.

Currently the NHS, Social Care and Public Health services provide a mostly reactive service – looking to solve problems such as anti-social behaviour, withdrawn behaviour, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol use, domestic violence and a host of other problems, when they manifest themselves only later in life.

Ultimately many people who have emotional or mental difficulties become parents themselves. All too often we then witness recurring problems across generations. These generational cycles are not only painful for all concerned, but they are also a bottomless drain for public money.

Therefore we want to work together to put a stop to this negative cycles. Our aim is to bring parents and communities on board with a no shame and no blame attitude, to bring positive changes to lives of all families.

We hope you will join us and our partners in this initiative to make this happen.

Kamila and Linda